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Thursday, Feb. 5, 2004 05:33 pm

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Are you ready for another action-packed, fun-filled, adventure-laden week in the bars and clubs of Illinois' capital city? Well, it's coming your way regardless of how you act, so why not open your arms and ears and embrace the inevitable with all the full-blown passion available in your heart and soul. Or just go out and have a beer and enjoy a show.

Let us officially consecrate these upcoming days as the "Frank Trompeter Week of Appreciation." The incomparable (and this week ubiquitous) band leader and musician leads his followers through a disparate and exciting three-day extravaganza of music on the move. elevator shoe unaffected, a mostly acoustic e-shoe sans wah-wahs, fuzzes, loops, and other forms of electronic paraphernalia, performs the early evening event at Cecil's on Thursday. The award-winning group marshals all its mighty forces for a full-fledged show at Frankie's on Friday night, including the stellar vocals of Trina Madonia. Then on Saturday, our hero in musician's clothing, Mr. Trompeter, heads the Frank Trompeter Quartet through its classic jazz paces, Saturday late night at Jazz Central Station, atop the grand Hilton. Frank, you may rest on Sunday.

Mr. Opporknockity, another band anointed by Illinois Times readers as a "Best of Springfield" choice, displays its penchant for user-friendly original pop-rock music at Marly's Pub on Friday. The group will be without founding member Doug Gholson, who left the group for personal reasons a few months ago. Now who is the shoeless member in the band?

Breaktime continues on its excellence-in-booking trail with an appearance by Kit Jones and the Mighty Mudbugs on Friday. Jones and the bugs rule in the blues-rock category while flavoring their set list with a taste of several genres, all performed with the finest of ingredients, allowing the audience to savor the delights of a well-balanced diet of good music. Yum Yum.

Kevin Wasmer of Enamel is a first-rate tunesmith, capable of turning a phrase on a dime and crashing it into an intricate melody, creating a beautiful wreck of song. With a pair of extremely able band mates adding tasteful and dynamic accompaniment, the group congeals into a gripping combination of thought and power, driven by intense lyrics and forceful music. They headline at Viele's Planet Friday, backed by None Taken and the Saps.

Diversity leads the way in the I-can't-get-enough-and-it's-okay category this weekend, meaning you can check them out on Friday and come back for an encore presentation on Saturday and it's alright, no one will think the less of you or your inability to find something else to do with your life. Lime Street Café, long a safe haven for area jazz, swing, and big band bands, is your gracious host to John Sluzalis, Billy Rogers and the diverse Diversity crew.

Those familiar with classic jazz are no doubt familiar with the term Blue Note, an old jazz record label and moniker for numerous music clubs around the country. You can well imagine then what kind of songs you'll get from the Blue Note Trio, Andiamo!'s Wednesday early evening entry. If that's your bag, check them out. You'll be glad you did.

Enough of this chitter-chatter, it's time to move on. Or at least get a move on.


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