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Thursday, April 5, 2012 12:57 am

Coming down

One building is set for demolition amid improvements at MacArthur Park

The owner of MacArthur Park apartments on MacArthur Boulevard near Jerome will tear down one four-plex at the troubled complex that’s been a target of city building inspectors.

Inspectors today found 19 violations at six of the seven four-plexes placarded in August. Two of the buildings placarded last summer have been issued occupancy permits, said John Sadowski, plans examiner for the city building and zoning department, and scores of other violations remain at buildings inspected since last August.

“We feel as though the progress is slow,” Sadowski said.

Don Craven, attorney for the Granite Investment Company that owns the complex, said that the violations found today will be corrected within a week. The violations ranged from sticking doors to units that did not yet have appliances installed, he said.

City hearing officer Timothy Londrigan called for the site visit today in considering a request by the city to fine the complex owner for code violations.

The batch of buildings inspected this morning had the most serious code violations, Craven said. The city has inspected 27 four-plexes at the 188-unit complex since August and has more than a dozen to go.

The building set for demolition had fire damage, Craven said.

“We began work on it,” Craven said. “The farther we got into it, the more apparent it became that it wasn’t going to work.”

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