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By now IT readers have noticed her byline, frequent in the past several issues. Lindsey Salvatelli is our editorial intern for this semester through the Public Affairs Reporting master’s degree prog...]]>
Editor's Note 02/07/19 Editor's Note 02/07/19
Tuesday night’s State of the Union address was a reminder of how normal Donald Trump can appear when he tries. His performance left no doubt that he is a skillful politician. His pitch to free the U...]]>
Editor's Note 01/31/19 Editor's Note 01/31/19
When Mayor Jim Langfelder was quoted recently saying, “I don’t see color,” many readers saw him as tone deaf because that isn’t said anymore, as the mayor knows. “That drives people crazy wh...]]>
Editor's Note 01/24/19 Editor's Note 01/24/19
January is the month some central Illinois farmers are planting new ideas about what seeds to sow when, and how to care for the soil they depend on. On Jan. 23 they gathered at the Crowne Plaza in Spr...]]>
Editor's Note 01/10/19 Editor's Note 01/10/19
Read this week’s cover story and then tell us who to blame for Harvard Park Elementary being one of the state’s lowest performing schools. The children? The teachers? The parents? Educators, admin...]]>
Editor's note 1/3/19 Editor's note 1/3/19
 Washington is all upset about a government shutdown of a few days, but Illinois kept its shutdown going for two years, and not everything is back up and running yet. That could change soon, with...]]>
Editor's note 12/20/18 Editor's note 12/20/18
 In her “Tips for holiday cheer” on p. 7, cartoonist Jen Sorensen addresses the dilemma we all face this week and next. What happens when we’re ready to stop for the holidays and the world...]]>
Editor's Note 12/13/18 Editor's Note 12/13/18
 A journalist friend is exploring new models for the news, looking for ways to rebuild trust with audiences, while working toward better writing and reporting, while seeking new and better ways t...]]>
Editor's note 12/6/18 Editor's note 12/6/18
 A hundred years hence Illinoisans may look back to figure what was the theme of the bicentennial observance, what was the spirit. What was accomplished? The state came late to the planning, unen...]]>
Editor's Note 11/29/18 Editor's Note 11/29/18
It’s that most wonderful time of the year, but not for everybody. Expectations of joy and merriment only make things worse for those grieving loved ones who have died in the past year. On last Sunda...]]>
Editor's note 1122/18 Editor's note 1122/18
 Once a year or so we like to thank the community that makes a community newspaper possible. That includes the readers who soak in what we offer, in print and online, and the advertisers, who are...]]>
Editor's Note 11/15/18 Editor's Note 11/15/18
J.B. Pritzker may not even know that he isn’t well known in the capital city. What most of us know is that he’s a rich, heavyset Chicago guy who isn’t Bruce Rauner. It would be nice – when the...]]>
Editor's note 11/8/18 Editor's note 11/8/18
 Aside from the defeat of Gov. Bruce Rauner, the most exciting election result here was approval – by a wide margin – of a one-cent countywide sales tax increase for school buildings. The tax...]]>
Editor's note 11/1/18 Editor's note 11/1/18
The only campaign excitement we’ve seen around here is generated by Betsy Dirksen Londrigan, who is smart, energetic, practical and new. In her uphill battle to unseat Republican Congressman Rodney...]]>
Editor's Note 10/18/18 Editor's Note 10/18/18
Last week we said farewell to Scott Faingold, Illinois Times staff writer who has been with us full time for the past five years, covering arts, culture and business. He has accepted a full-time teach...]]>
Editor's Note 10/04/18 Editor's Note 10/04/18
This needs to be a country that does not go crazy over editorial cartoons. That happens elsewhere, where free speech is not so well understood, or so deeply ingrained as a defining value. Chris Britt,...]]>
Editor's note 9/20/18 Editor's note 9/20/18
This week’s cover story by Dusty Rhodes emphasizes one solution to the teacher shortage, but clearly many solutions are needed. The statewide report, “Strong Teachers, Strong Classrooms,” by the...]]>
Editor's note 9/13/18 Editor's note 9/13/18
 Some of us are trying to build a constituency for historic preservation while working to assemble a coalition that will come together to save historic buildings. Too often preservationists don�...]]>
Editor's Note 08/23/18 Editor's Note 08/23/18
A praying mantis is doing his praying on my office window just now, a reminder that fresh opportunity comes around with each back-to-school season, with each election campaign, with each guilty verdic...]]>
Editor's note 8/16/18 Editor's note 8/16/18
Sharp-eyed readers will note that this week’s print edition of lllinois Times is slightly smaller than previous issues. The page is an inch shorter, our concession to the Trump administration’s ta...]]>
Editor's note 8/9/18 Editor's note 8/9/18
 Now, before the silly season starts, is the time to get acquainted with political candidates and their stands on the issues of their campaigns. In this week’s cover story on the 13th District...]]>
Editor's Note 07/19/18 Editor's Note 07/19/18
While the current president was flummoxing over pushback from his lovefest with Vladimir Putin, former president Barack Obama was in South Africa lecturing about how truth is now up for debate and how...]]>
Editor's note 7/12/18 Editor's note 7/12/18
 The restored Governor’s Mansion opens to the public Saturday, along with the new Jackson Street Trail and its Bicentennial Plaza. The mansion renovation is a fine gift to Springfield from Gov....]]>
Editor's note 7/5/18 - After the Supreme Court ruling, a message to my fellow former fair-sharers Editor's note 7/5/18 - After the Supreme Court ruling, a message to my fellow former fair-sharers
Illinois continues its longstanding practice of giving shabby treatment to nursing homes. This week the Associated Press reported that for-profit nursing homes are having to front $300 million in Medi...]]>
Editor's note 6/28/18 Editor's note 6/28/18
AFSCME Council 31 called the U. S. Supreme Court ruling against the union a “blatant political attack,” while the Illinois Policy Institute, crowing over its victory, called the unions “inherent...]]>
Editor's note 6/21/18 Editor's note 6/21/18
“Don’t call my business small,” was the common sentiment given voice at the Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards program this week. As 37 businesses were recognized and five of those were c...]]>
Editor's Note 06/14/18 Editor's Note 06/14/18
It is tempting to applaud President Trump for ignoring diplomatic niceties in order to engage the North Korean leader in an effort at peacemaking. Just go talk to the guy, what can it hurt? We can hop...]]>
Editor's Note 05/31/18 Editor's Note 05/31/18
One good thing about the political divide in Springfield is that it keeps a lot of bad things from happening, bad things like casino gambling expansion. The proposal died in committee in the closing d...]]>
Editor's note 5/17/18 Editor's note 5/17/18
In Hamilton, the musical, at one point the lead character knows trouble is coming. “In the eye of a hurricane,” he sings, “There is quiet/ For just a moment/A yellow sky.” In this week’s cov...]]>
Editor's note 4/26/18 Editor's note 4/26/18
Speaking in Springfield Saturday at the annual Illinois Innocence Project dinner will be attorney Jerry Buting, of the 2015 Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer” and author of Illusion of Justic...]]>