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Lest we hereabouts take New Salem for granted, Dr. Mark Pohlad of DePaul University brought from Chicago his passion for the reconstructed pioneer village to the “lunch and learn” audience at Univ...]]>
Editor's note 8/29/19 Editor's note 8/29/19
The Sangamon County Citizens Survey, released last week and available online, showed that 93% of respondents have health care insurance coverage and 89% have a primary care doctor. Yet despite having...]]>
Editor's note 8/22/19 Editor's note 8/22/19
We knew this, but it is worth reminding ourselves, that national Republicans weren’t always so anti-immigrant as they are today. It was presidential candidate Ronald Reagan who hailed “millions of...]]>
Editor's note 8/15/19 Editor's note 8/15/19
 President Trump thinks it must have been a conspiracy that allowed Jeffrey Epstein to escape suicide watch to kill himself. It’s true, and here’s more. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has not...]]>
Editor's Note Editor's Note
There is no shortage of good proposals to whittle away at the gun problem. The fact that the Ohio shooter killed nine people in 30 seconds puts the focus once again on AK-47s and large capacity magazi...]]>
Editor's note 7/18/19 Editor's note 7/18/19
 Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. continues to say what needs to be said. Here’s part of his statement issued July 15: “Do not be afraid of that man behind the curtain in the White House. It’s only D...]]>
Editor's Note Editor's Note
Now that the Code Red storm has passed, Storm Team 20 still regularly warns us that terrible weather may be coming, but now adds that there is but a “slight to moderate risk” that any of it will h...]]>
Editor's note 7/4/19 Editor's note 7/4/19
 Abraham Lincoln said it was time, 87 years after the founding Fourth of July, for the nation to have a “new birth of freedom” and it is time again. Nobody knows quite what to do about racism...]]>
Editor's Note Editor's Note
Illinoisans got used to thinking that because we abolished capital punishment in 2011 the moral dilemma of the death penalty now belongs only to residents of other states. But now the guilty verdict i...]]>
Editor's note 6/20/19 Editor's note 6/20/19
As crowds of homeless people gather downtown – at the library and at the church across the street – we are reminded that homelessness is a community responsibility, and not just in winter. With th...]]>
Editor's Note Editor's Note
In the current Pure News USA, fellow newspaper CEO T.C. Christian, Jr. observes Father’s Day by paying tribute to his father, T.C. Christian, Sr., in a piece called “He left me his name.” The el...]]>
Editor's note 6/6/19 Editor's note 6/6/19
 Almost overlooked during the flood of legislation coming out of the Statehouse was the May 31 tentative agreement on a new contract between AFSCME, the 40,000-member state employee union, and th...]]>
Editor's Note Editor's Note
As the General Assembly rushes to wind up its session by voting on legalizing sports betting, casino expansion, recreational marijuana and a big capital bill, comes the news that some Illinois legisla...]]>
Editor's note 5/23/19 Editor's note 5/23/19
 Installation of the 30-foot Lincoln statue outside the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum sent us to Illinois Times archives. In March 2005, then staff writer Dusty Rhodes headlined...]]>
Editor's note 5/16/19 Editor's note 5/16/19
This week’s cover photo, “Julia’s Blue Moon Club, 1945” illustrates both the rich cultural history of Springfield’s African-American community and the fragile nature of its physical structur...]]>
Editor's note 5/9/19 Editor's note 5/9/19
 Legalizing recreational marijuana won’t make Illinois great. But the proposal is different from other recent addiction-for-profit schemes, like video gambling, the General Assembly likes to ap...]]>
Editor's Note Editor's Note
One of the benefits of being a small-town newspaper editor is you get to know important people. I was pleased to get a letter last week from U. S. Sen. Richard Durbin, wishing me a happy birthday. “...]]>
Editor's note 4/25/19 Editor's note 4/25/19
Sometimes we just have to say no. Our friends at NPR Illinois, who already have an ad in the paper, were asking if we might find some editorial space this week to promote the many events they have pla...]]>
Editor's Note Editor's Note
If talking sense about border security is what you want, send somebody from Springfield. Sen. Richard Durbin, ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee, was in El Paso last week...]]>
Editor's note 4/11/19 Editor's note 4/11/19
 My goodness we’re in Code Red again and there’s another “cyclone bomb” headed our way, the second in three weeks. If we didn’t know such scary terms we’d think it’s just spring in...]]>
Editor's Note Editor's Note
Congratulations on your re-election Mr. Mayor, now let’s get back to work. Jim Langfelder is right that his first term “laid a foundation for a better tomorrow,” and voters showed confidence in...]]>
Editor's note 3/28/19 Editor's note 3/28/19
When Springfield voters go to the polls Tuesday on Election Day, they will find a robust ballot with dozens of candidates, many newcomers and more women than in past local elections. Several candidate...]]>
Editor's Note Editor's Note
Normally conservative and responsible legislators get all excited when there’s talk of a capital bill. That’s because it’s a Christmas tree bought with borrowed money, so all restraint goes out...]]>
Editor's note 3/14/19 Editor's note 3/14/19
 Everybody knows, “If you see something, say something.” But not as many have learned, “If you read something, write something.” People are always telling us, “I almost wrote you a lett...]]>
Editor's Note 03/07/19 Editor's Note 03/07/19
 “As goes journalism, so goes the community,” the Feb. 26 panel on the state of Springfield news media, is set for rebroadcast on NPR Illinois Monday at noon and 7 p.m. It’s worth a listen,...]]>
Editor's Note 02/28/19 Editor's Note 02/28/19
It’s good that racial disparity in Springfield has become an issue in the campaign for mayor. Rarely is the subject discussed so openly as it was during Monday’s mayoral candidate forum sponsored...]]>
Editor's note 2/14/19 Editor's note 2/14/19
By now IT readers have noticed her byline, frequent in the past several issues. Lindsey Salvatelli is our editorial intern for this semester through the Public Affairs Reporting master’s degree prog...]]>
Editor's Note 02/07/19 Editor's Note 02/07/19
Tuesday night’s State of the Union address was a reminder of how normal Donald Trump can appear when he tries. His performance left no doubt that he is a skillful politician. His pitch to free the U...]]>
Editor's Note 01/31/19 Editor's Note 01/31/19
When Mayor Jim Langfelder was quoted recently saying, “I don’t see color,” many readers saw him as tone deaf because that isn’t said anymore, as the mayor knows. “That drives people crazy wh...]]>
Editor's Note 01/24/19 Editor's Note 01/24/19
January is the month some central Illinois farmers are planting new ideas about what seeds to sow when, and how to care for the soil they depend on. On Jan. 23 they gathered at the Crowne Plaza in Spr...]]>