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 This week we have a large assortment to cover, including anniversaries and inaugurals, a Honky Tonk Circus and a SamJam, a jazz night and an Oktoberfest weekend, plus pet sounds and fancy fiddli...]]>
Sadness and celebrations Sadness and celebrations
In several recent columns I’ve had to announce the loss of a community musician. Each time, I continue to talk about other events as life does move on, and I feel that especially with musicians, ent...]]>
A multitude of music A multitude of music
 Now that we’ve made it through the summer of 2019 with Labor Day weekend behind us, the fall season of music fests begins. For me, it’s really the best time weather-wise and music-wise, as t...]]>
Music labors Music labors
Welcome to an early bird Labor Day weekend for 2019. Since the first Monday in September is actually the second day of the month this year, the whole shebang is one day away from the earliest possible...]]>
Au-gusting music Au-gusting music
 I think we can safely state the Illinois State Fair was more than fairly good this year. It’s fair enough to say, it’s time to move on to other happenings around town, and they are bountiful...]]>
Fair Enough? Fair Enough?
 As the inimitable entertainment entities of the Illinois State Fair carry on, the local clubs continue to emit large quantities of live music as well, setting us up for a whopper of a weekend, w...]]>
Fair time folks Fair time folks
 It’s time for the Illinois State Fair, and that means it’s fairly crazy in Springfield for about 10 days. I promise no puns every year, but that just wouldn’t be fair, would it? And I coul...]]>
August-ing music August-ing music
 Heeeere’s August and the last blast of summer time fun before the world moves on toward the autumn season and, dare I say, wintertime. The good news for this week comes in the form of fine wea...]]>
Downhome plus Downhome plus
 As we spend the last weekend of July cooling off from the recent heat wave (go figure), the Downhome Music Festival looms ahead with bits and pieces of other hip and dyn-a-mite goings on flittin...]]>
Abe, corn and more Abe, corn and more
 This weekend you will be forced to make choices, simply because there are so many things to do. And yes, it’s wonderful to have such entertainment issues in our community.Thursday, the Levitt...]]>
Cool music for hot times Cool music for hot times
 Ye olde music scene is heating up in more ways than one and it all leads to fun, just not always in the sun, or you’ll be cooked until you’re done. And that’s no good.How about a hip-hip-h...]]>
Extra July 3 music Extra July 3 music
 Hello July. How’s it going? I feel the same way, but here we are anyway. Now give us the goods as we get the summer on with live music galore and then go find some more.Since the paper comes o...]]>
Toodle-loo to June Toodle-loo to June
 As we float on through the last weekend in June, headed downstream toward Independence Day, a whole bunch of good, live music floods the scene right here in the old hometown.Plenty of local folk...]]>
June music made June music made
Look out ahead, here comes June in for a couple more weeks, with outdoor events all looking at the radar to avoid unwelcome raindrops in large quantities. We’ve dodged a few storms and took a few to...]]>
June is upon us June is upon us
 Welcome to the middle of June, as the outdoor events continue to multiply like the mosquitoes and gnats that seem to like to attend the events almost as much as our intrepid Springfield-area mus...]]>
LoG Fest and more LoG Fest and more
This week brings us a downtown music fest, continued Levitt AMP concerts, a brilliant original recording release and some out-of-the-area singing fun. Plus the usual, and unusual, collection of bands...]]>
May into June Music May into June Music
 With the Memorial Day holiday behind us, this weekend of “May into June” shows the full colors of a full slate of fun-filled things a-happening, exclaiming the summer season is fully here.Sa...]]>
Memorial music weekend Memorial music weekend
 Ready for the officially unofficial start of the summer season as we roll into Memorial Day weekend? Let’s hope so, because here comes lots of action going on at venues galore. The West of Wis...]]>
More May music More May music
 One of these days this weather will behave as it should, but until then we must continue to grapple with what we got and enjoy the live music where we can. We like to welcome first-time performe...]]>
Mayhem in music Mayhem in music
From a charity festival in praise of beer and doughnuts to an upcoming summer-long concert series, along with award-winning blues bands and music rumbling at the lake, springtime has clean sprung almo...]]>
Maybe fun in May Maybe fun in May
 Here we go heading into the merry month of May, busting headlong into music adventures at every turn.First, let’s give shout outs to two guys in the local music scene making a splash in the we...]]>
Music for good Music for good
Come along for serious fun and good works as we hang out for the last weekend of April. Amidst the regular happenings of frivolity and frolic are some serious issues that folks in the music world are...]]>
Hoppin’ music happenings Hoppin’ music happenings
 Easter weekend is finally here, coming in late due to some lunar versus equinox decisions made by the Catholic Church several hundred years ago, but who’s counting, anyway. Because of the Sund...]]>
Record store day and more Record store day and more
 Let’s take a romp through the scene of live music happenings to see what we can see. Then when we get from here to there, we can hear what we can hear when we see it, too.Thursday kicks off wi...]]>
No fooling with music No fooling with music
 It’s April, and the time for fooling is already over, unless you like to keep April Fool’s Day going all month long. Whatever the case, there’s plenty of music happening and that’s no jo...]]>
March celebrations and more March celebrations and more
 As we roll on through the last weekend of March, warm winds blow us toward the outdoor live music entertainment just ahead. But first, let’s get to our big March finale.Supporting the blues sc...]]>
Marching on... Marching on...
 With the green blaze (and a wee bit of the orange) of St. Patrick’s Day behind us, as well as the first day of spring, don’t you feel the warmth of summer beer gardens in your toes? Let’s...]]>
Irish, Flash, Colour Irish, Flash, Colour
 What a weekend of this, that and the other things, including the Ides of March plopped in there for good measure. Let’s begin, shall we?We must -- or so we should -- so we shall, start off wit...]]>
March on music March on music
 When (yes, I wrote when, not if) the weather breaks, there is going to be a happy party bursting with warmth somewhere. Let’s just keep dreaming of those hot and sweaty outdoor music events on...]]>
Songs, BP and Mardi Gras Songs, BP and Mardi Gras
 Well, February 2019 sure came and went in a flash. Let’s see what we can come up with for the first full weekend of March.Not so fast, friends. We just can’t let go of February without menti...]]>