IllinoisTimes - Music - Tom Irwin Tue, 22 Jan 19 00:00:00 -0500 en hourly 1 Music in a winter wonderland Music in a winter wonderland
Look out folks, as we wander into mid-January of 2019, sliding into it on the ice and snow of the previous several days with much more of the same stuff likely headed our way soon. Quite a few events...]]>
Mighty music making Mighty music making
 Here we go full-force into a schedule of life in all lanes as the holidays are completely behind us and 2019 is in plain sight. There are plenty of our regular music makers lined up for this wee...]]>
Music in 2019 Music in 2019
 I just had to write out “twenty-nineteen” to see if I really believe that it is 2019 and it is here. This is the Year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac, beginning on Feb. 5. For the Jewish Ne...]]>
Present the presents Present the presents
 Wow! How did we get here now? Who knows, but here we are, rapidly approaching Christmas Day and the holiday festivities surrounding the big event. Fortunately for us partygoers and lovers of liv...]]>
Old, new onesies Old, new onesies
 In the music scene, we receive great gifts in the form of musical moments throughout the year, but the amount of giving increases during the holidays. Indeed, one of the finest additions to this...]]>
Hullabaloo for holidays Hullabaloo for holidays
 Welcome to the first full weekend of December, one jam-packed with live music functions from beginning to end and even rolling into next week. What a brouhaha it is!Last week I never made it pas...]]>
Hello to December music Hello to December music
 Thursday is shaping up to be a full night this week, which is not always the case but always welcome. The Curve Inn hosts a roots music night (replacing the Americana night) with Kate Laine, The...]]>
Thanks for giving Thanks for giving
 Here we are again at that Thanksgiving time of year, and boy, are we thankful for lots o’ things! Since we are a music column in origin and existence, let’s give thanks for the music makers...]]>
Chill music time Chill music time
 Here’s a piece of cool music scene news that you can help make happen: Springfield is in the running for a big-time matching grant from LevittAMP, the folks who like to fund communities lookin...]]>
November to remember November to remember
 We made it through the election (I think) and the time change (whatever), heading straight into the heart of November. Good thing there’s plenty of fine music to experience.Every once in awhil...]]>
November music comes November music comes
 Here we are bouncing through the first weekend in November on the tail of Halloween and headed toward the holidays. It looks like the music roundup is solid as ever with a few twists.Our week ki...]]>
October finale October finale
   Welcome, everyone, to the last weekend in October, one that brings us the annual Halloween functions, a few birthdays and the big bash of the “B...]]>
All over town All over town
 Thursday night starts us off with a one-of-a-kind performance at Buzz Bomb Brewery enticingly entitled Pistol Pete’s Existential Crisis (7-9). Pistol Pete is Pete Midtgard, a lead singer on th...]]>
The ins and outs of music The ins and outs of music
 The early- to mid-October weather can be lovely, though sometimes too crisp and sometimes a bit toasty. With a weekend forecast calling for a big-time cooling off, be prepared to enjoy the last...]]>
Taking to giving music Taking to giving music
 Off we go into October of 2018 with a blast of low-end sounds and high-end musicality, all available for your perusal simply by heading out the door and into a venue hosting live music.We begin...]]>
Healing arts and blues Healing arts and blues
 Other than the usual complaints of time passing quickly, we’ve had a dang good run of summertime fun, outdoor gigs and all. Now, as the festivals come to a close, with only a few left in early...]]>
Makings of music Makings of music
 Let’s first pay our respects to a recently departed friend of the local music scene and fan of all the cool music out there. Keith Perks passed away a few weeks ago from natural causes due to...]]>
Dry September music Dry September music
 Look out below and above, and in between, too, as we recover from the deluge of last weekend and prepare for more good live music inside and out during mid-September. Hopefully and expectedly ev...]]>
Round up the music Round up the music
 The first full weekend of September gets us going into the fall mode and mood with an array of outdoor festivals featuring live music, including an Oktoberfest, an Art Spectacular, a Family FunF...]]>
Fruits of music labors Fruits of music labors
 Here we are rolling into Labor Day weekend 2018, signalling the end of summertime and the beginning of autumn, if not by weather, at least by date and tradition. Let’s go out and in with a ban...]]>
Last August blast Last August blast
 Let’s offer hearty congratulations to David Casper for his victory on August 17 in the Illinois State Fair karaoke competition. In return for his afternoon triumph, David reaped the rewards of...]]>
That’s fair enough That’s fair enough
 As we move into the second and final weekend of the Illinois State Fair, the fun keeps on coming, even as the original excitement wears down. I think 10 days is a fair amount of time for a fair....]]>
All’s fair in town All’s fair in town
 Yes, folks, it’s that time of year when the Illinois State Fair comes a-callin’ and dominates the atmosphere of the local music scene like nothing else. There’s plenty of live music on our...]]>
August-ing music August-ing music
 Here it is in fine fashion as we roll into August 2018 with Mars and the moon at midnight behind us, plus good music and fine times straight ahead. Who could ask for more?This weekend Decatur is...]]>
Retro music fits Retro music fits
 What a weekend this is with stuff happening everywhere, especially events reliving highlights of the past. But rest assured that the music will be firmly in the present and well-directed toward...]]>
July flying by July flying by
 Here we go again with another week of local music news, happenings, and coming and goings, sometimes filled with sadness and other times bounding with joy.With a heavy heart we report the loss o...]]>
AA Fest A-OK AA Fest A-OK
Per usual, there are many happening things going on this weekend (and during the week for that matter), so get yourself together and get out to experience what you can while you can.In the plethora of...]]>
Jump into July Jump into July
 Once the famed Fourth of July flies by and the corn is several feet past knee height, the summer season kicks into to overdrive, setting up a midsummer sensation of live music revelations.Thursd...]]>
June jangles away June jangles away
 Here we go into the last weekend of June, soaking up fun in the sun, sliding into neon-lit nightclubs, and generally having a whale of a good time swimming in this sea of lively and lovely live...]]>
June jazzed up June jazzed up
 Welcome to the Springfield music scene, all you friendly Illinois Times readers and supporters! This week is another adventure in the diverse and plentiful supply of live music performances in o...]]>