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you all know bemelmans’ madeline (“twelve little girls in two straight lines”) my granddaughter five read reread reread it the morning she got it in the afternoon she complained of belly ache it...]]>
rescue poem #3 rescue poem #3
she returns with the herd: distressed no longer pregnant where is your calf? asks ron – how can you lose a baby? girls, he asks the others, where is it? for everyone knows when a bovine birth is in ...]]>
ecp-poem #31 ecp-poem #31
we were warned some forty years ago much of this planet realizes we are  dooming ourselves is taking steps  a date has even been set for when life-as-we-are-accustomed will cease we will all...]]>
literary tour poem #1 literary tour poem #1
literary tour poem #1   24 students our coachman myself had left whitby where dracula  came ashore bent on blood from virgin veins we were wending our way across cumberland when we &nbs...]]>
encounter drama #1 encounter drama #1
scene 1: on one side of path, small dog on leash. on other side of path, large turkeymother, a dozen chicks lined up behind. action: dog and turkey eye each other further action: none scene 2, next da...]]>
catholic heart work camp #4 catholic heart work camp #4
catholic heart work camp #4here’s another grateful tribute to the Catholic Heart Work Camp –90 kids from all over our land poured into town last week were divided into small groups did chores big ...]]>
archival find—family letter #14 archival find—family letter #14
my nephew in college 1980 informsgrandparents he’s writing a manual for his former h.s. band leader to emphasize to parents that despite  budget cuts and the “back-to-basics” drive that mus...]]>
some things you don’t forget #7 some things you don’t forget #7
some things you don’t forget #7 we lived in the country the end of a long lane a car sped up a stranger saw us four kids playing on the lawn spied the iron rabbit sitting in the grass grabbed it by ...]]>
science exodus poem # 17 science exodus poem # 17
 USE FOOD WEEKS TO PROMOTE TOURISMMy friends know I’m compulsively loyal. Maybe it was that trait that compelled me to take on 217 Pony Shoe Week like a champ. Yes, I ran the distance, going to...]]>
family memory poem # 11 family memory poem # 11
family memory poem # 11my niece jackie jo maybe seven  riding with parents sister headed toward a northern wisconsin lake jackie held her red swim suit  out the window it flapped in the &nbs...]]>
archival find, 1952 letter archival find, 1952 letter
 My dad responding to an applicant for a job: “I am afraid you are a little young and therefore lacking in experience for the job of assistant  herdsman” and ends with “Now for  &...]]>
vermont report june 2019 vermont report june 2019
vermont report june 2019 lately every obscure little roadway in vermont has had to be named neat green signs white letters some are places suttons farm o’neills farm most are nature appropriate hidd...]]>
Father's Day Poem #1 Father's Day Poem #1
fathers day poem # 1      if you have to explain a joke it’s no longer funny when I tell this one I draw blanks but when I was a kid the elopement-ladder-to-the-girl’s-win...]]>
advancing age poem # 4 advancing age poem # 4
advancing age poem # 4           I think I still have all my marbles  but sometimes some of them roll under the table or bed and I find them some...]]>
tolkien poem #3 tolkien poem #3
years ago in a snowstorm I chased a car all the way across town because the license plate said ELROND I finally trapped the King of the Elves in his driveway invited him to our Lothlorien Banquet the ...]]>
Archival find, Current times #3 Archival find, Current times #3
Archival find, Current times #3  My grandfather wrote to a U of Wis  Ag prof, 1932, about the Depression. “My neighbor is a pessimist, he has no hope for better conditions on this earth. T...]]>
wordsy poem #1 wordsy poem #1
wordsy poem #1      I’m fond of words that’s no  surprise I like little big old  new made-up made-down smiley saintly smutty it’s evident though that individua...]]>
mothersday? poem #1 mothersday? poem #1
pidgie has dwelt in the henyard a number of years now; my daughterand son-in-law healed her broken wing let her fly away shooed her skyward – several times – but after    each brief...]]>
archival find #16 archival find #16
My mother wrote this poem to my fatherI think in their courting days. It seems suitable for our spring now springing.  InevitableA stream is singing lullabyes, Its song has reached my ear; And th...]]>
facial feature poem #1 facial feature poem #1
facial feature poem #1now that these last few years I’ve become a news junkie I’ve seen the faces on TV not just read their words or heard their NPR voices no this isn’t a political poem it’s ...]]>
music (?) poem #22 music (?) poem #22
one reason I go to the UU group on sundays is to listen to Bonnie E play  I wanted to learn piano as a kid so did my sister yet there were too many notes all at once we did much better on strings...]]>
archival poem #31: Uncle Trever writes Jackie archival poem #31: Uncle Trever writes Jackie
archival poem #31: Uncle Trever writes Jackie    “You know that little brook running through our pasture – well, your dad  and I were making a sod dam so we’d  have a sw...]]>
Governmental Greatness Governmental Greatness
I will be astounded if the rage (controlled)of Adam Schiff does not in future history ring with JFK and MLKing. Yes Adam billions echo, say, “It’s not OK!” “It’s not OK!” the nunes were sh...]]>
music memory poem #7 music memory poem #7
music memory poem #7    here’s a partial list of music I’ve stayed in the car to hear the finish: a partita – bach – for unaccompanied violin, a haydenconcerto I thought was an ...]]>
archival letter, Uncle Trever to Jackie archival letter, Uncle Trever to Jackie
 “I resented Aunt Ida for always favoring the first born. When your dad and I were going to town school for awhile and we boarded across the street, she’d always have a nice surprise for Ron...]]>
springfield poem # 27 springfield poem # 27
springfield poem # 27I appreciate that springfield is wanting to keep us walkers and riders safe from the new faster trains but the big red  and white barriers blocking some  downtown street...]]>
archival poem #1 archival poem #1
1921 letter, to his son, my father, a freshman at Northwestern University, from his father, my grandfather: “Your detailed letter received. Iliked it very much in that it told exactly what you were...]]>
bugastrophy poem #1 bugastrophy poem #1
bugastrophy poem #1 our cynical joke has been when homo sapiens has done itself in  planet and cockroaches will be    all that’s left that’s now highly unlikely a recent study ...]]>
different sort of tweet #2 different sort of tweet #2
my friend took her african grey parrot to the urbana avian vet for her yearly checkup–pokes prods peers down her beak up her bung takes temp takes blood she doesn’t like it at all (would you?) spi...]]>
n fifth street poem #32 n fifth street poem #32
n fifth street poem #32  when we moved into this big empty house in 1970 the kids put up their homemade but genuine tepee in the spacious back yard a few of the poles were promptly stolen so they...]]>