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one reason I go to the UU group on sundays is to listen to Bonnie E play  I wanted to learn piano as a kid so did my sister yet there were too many notes all at once we did much better on strings...]]>
archival poem #31: Uncle Trever writes Jackie archival poem #31: Uncle Trever writes Jackie
archival poem #31: Uncle Trever writes Jackie    “You know that little brook running through our pasture – well, your dad  and I were making a sod dam so we’d  have a sw...]]>
Governmental Greatness Governmental Greatness
I will be astounded if the rage (controlled)of Adam Schiff does not in future history ring with JFK and MLKing. Yes Adam billions echo, say, “It’s not OK!” “It’s not OK!” the nunes were sh...]]>
music memory poem #7 music memory poem #7
music memory poem #7    here’s a partial list of music I’ve stayed in the car to hear the finish: a partita – bach – for unaccompanied violin, a haydenconcerto I thought was an ...]]>
archival letter, Uncle Trever to Jackie archival letter, Uncle Trever to Jackie
 “I resented Aunt Ida for always favoring the first born. When your dad and I were going to town school for awhile and we boarded across the street, she’d always have a nice surprise for Ron...]]>
springfield poem # 27 springfield poem # 27
springfield poem # 27I appreciate that springfield is wanting to keep us walkers and riders safe from the new faster trains but the big red  and white barriers blocking some  downtown street...]]>
archival poem #1 archival poem #1
1921 letter, to his son, my father, a freshman at Northwestern University, from his father, my grandfather: “Your detailed letter received. Iliked it very much in that it told exactly what you were...]]>
bugastrophy poem #1 bugastrophy poem #1
bugastrophy poem #1 our cynical joke has been when homo sapiens has done itself in  planet and cockroaches will be    all that’s left that’s now highly unlikely a recent study ...]]>
different sort of tweet #2 different sort of tweet #2
my friend took her african grey parrot to the urbana avian vet for her yearly checkup–pokes prods peers down her beak up her bung takes temp takes blood she doesn’t like it at all (would you?) spi...]]>
n fifth street poem #32 n fifth street poem #32
n fifth street poem #32  when we moved into this big empty house in 1970 the kids put up their homemade but genuine tepee in the spacious back yard a few of the poles were promptly stolen so they...]]>
Another SOS to IT readers! Another SOS to IT readers!
back in 1981 a musical “The Endless Pavement” was performed on the new         SSU auditorium stage (not yet finished) 40 local kids in little cars they’d...]]>
Empty Nest poem #1 Empty Nest poem #1
for 25 years I published a newspaper The Empty Nest News Letter it wentfirst to family but its popularity caused the mailing list to grow to 200 its masthead featured a bird  with empty nest late...]]>
anniversary poem 2019 anniversary poem 2019
anniversary poem 2019 my daughter’s birthday is come around again sometimes I think it’s probably better she succumbed to her own demons  (though she claimed they weren’t her own) for if sh...]]>
a kind of glory a kind of glory
a kind of glorymy folks remodeled an old farmhousea mile from the dairy when I was ninemy cousin paul architecture studentwas a laborer every noon the workerscame down to eat dinner at our housethen s...]]>
archival discovery #14 archival discovery #14
archival discovery #14found my oldest sister’s well documentedbaby book the rest of us had semi-docsor no baby book at all in it jo’s mom wrote ananecdote: “Little Joan, 3, had heard us speak of...]]>
TO THOSE WHO LIE IN BELLEAU WOODThis poem by my mother, then Vera Wardner,was read at a memorial service held at Bois deBelleau, Aisne, France, Dec. 25, 1923.My father was also there with 30 Boy Scout...]]>
Friend’s poem: Little Treasures Friend’s poem: Little Treasures
 Friend’s poem: Little TreasuresA quiet morning. Just the sound of the fanand the ticking of the clock. Both comfort.You ask of childhood treasures. I think back,I see a walking doll. A diction...]]>
tis the season poem #6 tis the season poem #6
tis the season poem #6advent and hanukkah are now herea story: a student lived at my housea while back I found him rummaging inthe attic among his stuff stored therewhat are you looking for? my menora...]]>
Political garb poem #7 Political garb poem #7
political garb poem #7let’s give a cheer for ruth b g!what’s a rib, e’en two or three?we’ll wave our pink caps!raise some hollers!don our lacy ginsberg collars!©2018 Jacqueline Jackson...]]>
personal eco-thanksgiving poem personal eco-thanksgiving poem
personal eco-thanksgiving poemtime to count blessings! I’m grateful toattain (so far) a ripe old age p’raps here’ssome credit: being a depression then ww2farm kid I ate no processed food frozenf...]]>
punditty poem punditty poem
punditty poemmy all hallows garb was total bluea blue wave kept wearing it thrunov 6 I sherrad with you nowI’m still blue thru all recountssims to me (if you axne) I’mnot disappointed with the sch...]]>
archival find #18 archival find #18
archival find #18this paper goes to print weds a.m. ithits newsstands thurs my bit is due atlatest mon p.m. so as of this scrawl Idon’t know whether my tues night yowlwill be joy or dismay I pray yo...]]>
rivertrip poem #1 rivertrip poem #1
rivertrip poem #1wandering the marina’s length atgrafton before a cruise on themississippi, illinois I began to jotthe names of boats their rear endssnubbed up against the dock gotto wondering why o...]]>
nada poem #17 nada poem #17
the good thing aboutfalling asleepwith all your clothes onis that when you wake upthe next morningyou are all set to go©2018 Jacqueline Jackson...]]>
nuptials poem #3 nuptials poem #3
we went to an eco-wedding in abarn the bride a vision in whitethe groom in jeans the scriptureincluded dr seuss later plates wereof pressed palm leaves sort of likeheavy paper the cutlery was woodenkn...]]>
kid shenanigans #2 kid shenanigans #2
kid shenanigans #2there’s a lotta ugly things to write about but let’s stick with maybe funny: us sibs on the farm made our own amusement here’s grama’s rat terrier again we’d yell “sic&nb...]]>
archival find #11: kid shenanigans archival find #11: kid shenanigans
archival find #11: kid shenanigans (I didn’t publish this in round barn)from the back of a comic book my brotherordered a fake dog-poo my grama had anill-tempered rat terrier bounce none of us kids ...]]>
funeral poem #1 funeral poem #1
funeral poem #1like most of the nation – even muchof the world – I was glued to the tubewatching (rather, participating in)the final message mccain orchestratedfor our country’s survival: cooper...]]>
Archival find: An early essay of mine My Pet Archival find: An early essay of mine My Pet
Archival find: An early essay of mineMy PetI have a pet pig. I named him Jackyafter myself. He was born on our farmand is quite a big pig now.My pig was very clever when he wasa baby but now all he do...]]>
archiving poem # 4 archiving poem # 4
archiving poem # 4not all my archiving for U of Wis is letters ledgers documents photossome is hardware a cow drinking cupa salt cup I emailed my kids I can’t findthe stanchion I’m sure I had a st...]]>