IllinoisTimes - Poetry Wed, 19 Sep 18 00:00:00 -0400 en hourly 1 funeral poem #1 funeral poem #1
funeral poem #1like most of the nation – even muchof the world – I was glued to the tubewatching (rather, participating in)the final message mccain orchestratedfor our country’s survival: cooper...]]>
Archival find: An early essay of mine My Pet Archival find: An early essay of mine My Pet
Archival find: An early essay of mineMy PetI have a pet pig. I named him Jackyafter myself. He was born on our farmand is quite a big pig now.My pig was very clever when he wasa baby but now all he do...]]>
archiving poem # 4 archiving poem # 4
archiving poem # 4not all my archiving for U of Wis is letters ledgers documents photossome is hardware a cow drinking cupa salt cup I emailed my kids I can’t findthe stanchion I’m sure I had a st...]]>
fascinating stuff poem #31 fascinating stuff poem #31
in my archiving I’m now to cowdiseases I’m sure you want to hear about the trouble a heel fly can cause it burrows in works its way throughthe bovine body comes out on the cow’sback as a grub if...]]>
vermont poem 2018 #3 vermont poem 2018 #3
vermont poem 2018 #3the august 5 2018 NYTimes Magazineis devoted in its entirety to the specieshomo sapiens killing itself off (along witha lot of other species) I think in the nearfuture – I haven�...]]>
vermontpoem 2018 #2 vermontpoem 2018 #2
vermontpoem 2018 #2due to the hill behind, the sun doesn’tstrike our neighbors’ dock till noonthey sit in their deck chairs andevery hour as the sun advancesthey move back a plank when t...]]>
lake poem 2018 #1 lake poem 2018 #1
lake poem 2018 #1we’re back to this spot where we’ve comefor so many years usual plumbing probsnatch plus mice chippy squirrel detritusstill the lake is clear cool I’ve heard abullfrog, owls –...]]>
personal poem# 15 personal poem# 15
personal poem# 15our folks bought us the world bookan impressive row of blue volumesalphabetized holding all the wisdomof the world we had other books (wewere a bookish family) but this classycompendi...]]>
already old news: screwy poem already old news: screwy poem
already old news: screwy poemwhole world’s eyes have beenriveted on saving a dozen trappedboys international sighs of relief(though some may have lung fungus:they’re isolated on a special ward)how...]]>
archival find poem # 7 archival find poem # 7
archival find poem # 7a letter from my dad, circa 1980: hereports my sister, “that superstitiouswench,” wrote him if he didn’t drinkfor a week something nice would happenhe didn’t drink for a ...]]>
S O S poem S O S poem
S O S poemthis is a blatant call for help to those who had classes with me or traveled overseas on those quirky hostel jaunts a fine local writer is assigned to write about me yes I know corrine frisc...]]>
border babies poem #1 for June 28 border babies poem #1 for June 28
border babies poem #1 for June 28I’m sure almost all of us areheartsick heartsick heartsick atthe inhumane cruelty to childrenfamilies the ugliness our gutlessland has become our sewer ethicsfear fo...]]>
archival poem #9 archival poem #9
archival poem #9annette who is helping mearchive (for the universityof wisconsin due this veryday to arrive with a truckto collect 52 boxes of primarymaterial from my farm sagaplus a 60 lb cow-drinkin...]]>
archival data discovered #7 archival data discovered #7
 archival data discovered #7poking through a file on insecticidesafter ww2 we all embraced DDTtill silent spring let us know the sheerhorror I think it was banned (it still got sold to third worl...]]>
Unsolicited poem Unsolicited poem
Unsolicited poem by Mitch HopperJ.Jackson’s buddy and tech-expertwhose words have appeared in thisspace before, credited or uncreditedA secret with Jackie is weak.A small part of her mind it does tw...]]>
archives poem #1 archives poem #1
archives poem #1now that I’m archiving recordsfrom the farm I grew up on – UWiswants them – I’m going over stuffused (or not) in my work now mostlyforgotten I just called my sister toreport he...]]>
freedom poem #3 freedom poem #3
freedom poem #3I don’t know if she’s over the moonyet but the helium-bloated bovineballoon with “Holy Cow! AnotherBirthday!” blazoned on her flank(a recent gift) slipped her halter aswe were h...]]>
poem on chaplain firing #1 poem on chaplain firing #1
poem on chaplain firing #1never under-es-tu-mitthe power of a je-su-it©2018 Jacqueline Jackson...]]>
mothers day poem #7 mothers day poem #7
mothers day poem #7(in a letter from my father, 1960)“Your mother is in Chicago working onher American Music project. Some dayI’ll have to harness her ability and energyto some enterprise in which...]]>
Thoughts and Prayers Poem #1 Thoughts and Prayers Poem #1
thoughts and prayers poem #1the topic this week was thoughts andprayers our gun-toting (civil war musket)pastor did not let us down he gave stats  on shots-per-second of assault weaponsplus so&nb...]]>
n fifth st poem #48 n fifth st poem #48
n fifth st poem #48two boys maybe eight or ninewalking past on the sidewalkbefore my door both whiteif that makes any differenceone familiarly twirling a largereal-looking silver pistolthat kid is alr...]]>
earthday (doom) poem #95 earthday (doom) poem #95
 for me the scariest latest news:the verification of the prediction fifteen years ago when warned the world had some ten years to get its ducks lined up to slow or stop climate change instead we�...]]>
old age poem # 4 old age poem # 4
old age poem # 4? . . .well, whichever . . .getting oldis a steeplearning curveI’m used to tellingeveryone elsewhat to donow everyone elseis tellingmewhat to do©2018 Jacqueline Jackson...]]>
aging poem #7 aging poem #7
aging poem #7we moved my dad with a hip mending to a facility in a nearby village old friends employees invarious stages of degeneration an active aviary he hated it refused food snarled at the staff ...]]>
easter hunts poem #1 easter hunts poem #1
easter hunts poem #1authentic thrills do not come oftennor are they oft forgot: one from myearly years, the easter bunny hidtiny candy bunnies all over the housewe four kids searched with squealsof de...]]>
happy event poem #1 happy event poem #1
my friends have had their little onessince babes but it’s taken till now– 6 years – for the “wrinkles” ofadoption to be worked out theywere all in court last week paperssigned hands shaken p...]]>
folly poem #4 folly poem #4
here folks behold a true subversiveschools are closing out the cursiveevery kid the wide world o’er can toss old writing out the door each kid will own his keyboard toy from manchester to mandeloy j...]]>
Poetry Out Loud - Bringing literary opportunities to area high school students Poetry Out Loud - Bringing literary opportunities to area high school students
 Wynton Gage, a senior at Southeast High School, has a deep voice made for TV or radio. At the recent Regional Poetry Out Loud contest he commanded the stage during his memorized recita...]]>
CHANGE-OF-HEART POEM I am now a prexy rooter – he’ll jump inside and SHOOT THE SHOOTER!!! ©2018 Jacqueline Jackson...]]>
family story #29 family story #29
family story # 29my sister pat told me of a bass player in their orchestra bound for a concert grabbed coffee at a drive-in spilled it scalded his hand in agony he rushed to a drug store gasped out �...]]>