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What do the majority of Americans want their lawmakers working on? Check any legitimate poll and you’ll hear them saying clearly and consistently that they want such basics as middle-class jobs, hea...]]>
Special Gifts for Special People Special Gifts for Special People
  Ho-ho-ho! Wait till you hear about the gifts I gave some of America’s power elites for Christmas.To each of our Congress critters, I sent my fondest wish that, from now on, they receive the e...]]>
Power harassment indifference Power harassment indifference
 In corporations, universities, government offices and elsewhere, there is usually an oppressive male culture and a repressive power structure that routinely shortchanges women on pay and on prom...]]>
Putting the Trump stamp on the public Putting the Trump stamp on the public
D.T. is really quite good at one special skill: branding. He has slapped his name on a ridiculous range of consumer merch – teddy bears, steaks, made-in-China ties, vodka, underwear and even a urine...]]>
Populism is not about mobs Populism is not about mobs
 I’ve observed that the true political spectrum in our society does not range from right to left, but from top to bottom. This is how America’s economic and political systems really shake out...]]>
The AgriCULTURE attitude The AgriCULTURE attitude
Thanksgiving, America’s most food-focused holiday, traces its roots back to the abundant feast that Pilgrims and Native Americans enjoyed together in the fall of 1621.Not even half of the 100 or so...]]>
Privatization is not an option Privatization is not an option
 In 2006, then-president George W. Bush, congressional Republican leaders, the powerful “privatizer lobby” and Koch-funded think tanks and Astroturf front groups colluded to put a one-of-a-ki...]]>
Pulling a con on the people Pulling a con on the people
Donald Trump hates you. But don’t take it personally; he hates me, too. The billionaire’s antipathy is not directed at us as individuals, but as users of publicly provided services. He sees no nee...]]>
Beware of the real gremlins Beware of the real gremlins
 Here come the real spine-chilling horrors of the season: office-seeking politicians of the extreme right demanding votes on Election Day. With devilish signals to their base, they promise to be...]]>
A bawdy house of bad right-wing ideas A bawdy house of bad right-wing ideas
 Ideally, elections are about ideas.In our dark times of money-soaked and bitterly negative campaigns, however, policy discussions are being shoved aside by raw partisanship and vitriol. This not...]]>
Front-porch politics Front-porch politics
If you despair that a mysterious plague of incurable political knuckleheadism has swept our country, turning previously progressive white working-class people...]]>
What if we made voting fun? What if we made voting fun?
A consortium of national, state and local officials of Republican persuasion have mounted a tawdry campaign over the past decade to slam the ballot box shut on entire segments of America’s electorat...]]>
Poverty is over! Poverty is over!
Listen to the eerie “sound of silence” from the Trumpeteers and congressional Republicans who so loudly cheered themselves just a year ago for bestowing a trillion-dollar tax giveaway on corporate...]]>
Trump’s immigration policy Trump’s immigration policy
One of America’s great strengths is our highly diversified population, continually fueled by generations of immigrants who come here as refugees or who simply seek opportunity. Consider the example...]]>
How far-out is Trump’s war policy? How far-out is Trump’s war policy?
America is now militarily involved in 76 countries. Yet, the war machine -– including a massive army of profiteering corporate contractors and the politicians they buy – keeps demanding more: more...]]>
Gentrification begets gentrification Gentrification begets gentrification
 Gentrification is a function of power, not natural law or economic inevitability. It occurs when wealthy, politically connected interests make decisions in closed-door meetings to take over the...]]>
Throw your money at Amazon Throw your money at Amazon
 If you live in Indianapolis; Newark, New Jersey; Miami; Austin; Philly; Chicago; Atlanta; or 13 other lucky cities, congratulations, for you’re a finalist in the magnificent “Throw Your Mone...]]>
Workers of America, rejoice! Workers of America, rejoice!
As our nation of working stiffs celebrates Labor Day with backyard cookouts, an afternoon at the beach, rounds of golf, special sales at the mall or simply kicking back in a La-Z-Boy and doing several...]]>
A test of character A test of character
 Early on Sunday morning, April 1, our Head Fool received a report from his most trusted intelligence source. “Small army of migrants marching toward the United States,” headlined his favorit...]]>
Monopoly or democracy? Monopoly or democracy?
 Corporate concentration of markets, profits, workplace decision-making, political influence and our nation’s total wealth is surpassing that of the infamous era of robber barons. Apple, which...]]>
Trump’s border policies undermine our democracy Trump’s border policies undermine our democracy
In early June I traveled to “The Valley,” as the McAllen-Brownsville area of Texas is called, down where the Rio Grande empties into the Gulf of Mexico. This river, one of the longest in the U.S.,...]]>
Cowboys for Liberty Cowboys for Liberty
 Hiding one’s true identity can be done for many legitimate purposes, but it tends to be widely used these days by scheming people or nefarious interests with ... well, with something to hide,...]]>
Getting trapped in The Donald's cuckoo nest Getting trapped in The Donald's cuckoo nest
Ours is, after all, a nation of laws, right? We value justice and we believe everyone has a right to have their day in court. Right?But what if the court is turned into a loony bin and the law itself...]]>
The New York Times strikes out The New York Times strikes out
 For more than a century, The New York Times has unabashedly bragged in a banner slogan that it publishes “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”Really? Then why did this prestigious publicatio...]]>
A wall won’t fix immigration A wall won’t fix immigration
 The wailing in our country about the “invasion of immigrants” has been long and loud. As one complainant put it, “Few of their children in the country learn English ... The signs in our st...]]>
What do those people want? What do those people want?
 Where is the Democratic Party? The Party of the People is stuck in the status quo – the still reigning, old-line hierarchy of the Democratic Party is unwilling to just be dedicated to, well, t...]]>
Keep resisting Keep resisting
 From the revolutionaries of the 1770s to today’s grassroots rebels engaged in multiple struggles for democratic rights, every inch of progress has been vehemently opposed by entrenched enemies...]]>
How bad public policy happens How bad public policy happens
Question: If you inject a stream of raw ignorance into a vat of gaseous arrogance, then jolt the mixture with 1,000 megawatts of malevolence ... what does it produce? Answer: Donald Trump’s executiv...]]>
A Wall Street sin tax A Wall Street sin tax
 Some extremely rich fellows who’ve been hiding behind the tree to avoid taxation for years are the global financial speculators engaged in the high-rolling, computer-driven, fast-buck, multi-t...]]>
Goons in Gucci Goons in Gucci
In the fierce labor wars of the last century, industrial barons employed Pinkertons and other goons to bloody the heads of laborers or simply gun down those struggling for a share of economic and poli...]]>