IllinoisTimes - Band Spotlight Sat, 20 Apr 19 00:00:00 -0400 en hourly 1 Koe Wetzel Koe Wetzel
 When this fiery group gets to kickin’ out the jams, look out below as the songs come crashing down like fallin’ rain on a hard-baked highway, Texas country style. Hailing from Stephenville i...]]>
Flatland Cavalry Flatland Cavalry
 Coming up from their hometown of Lubbock, Texas, home to several greats in the music business through the years, the Flatland Cavalry are rolling into town to take no prisoners as they proceed t...]]>
Kyle Glass Band Kyle Glass Band
 Raised on a hog farm outside of Springfield with classic country music as a life soundtrack, and now a retired U.S. Marine back home, Kyle Gass got into the performance side of music not that lo...]]>
Scott H. Biram Scott H. Biram
Known as the Dirty Old One Man Band, Scott H. Biram plays by himself for anyone who will listen, and that’s been a lot of folks during his nearly two decades in professional music. From humble begin...]]>
Folk Family Revival Folk Family Revival
 Around since 2010, this Houston-based quartet has taken their mix of a “rootsy stomp of the Southern states with the trippy swoon of the West Coast” across the country and back. They cite Bo...]]>
The Emerald Underground The Emerald Underground
 Springfield’s best-known and longest-running Celtic-fusion band still has the green going on with plans to keep it growing for years to come. Once upon a time, before becoming TEU, group origi...]]>
Brandon Santini Brandon Santini
 Some say the future of blues harmonica is in the hands (and mouth) of this St. Louis-based, Memphis-taught, North Carolina-raised, trailblazing, hard-working and particularly charming, harmonica...]]>
Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles
 This Boston-based musician is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, mother, band leader and recording artist, releasing albums on a regular basis and playing the cool clubs in the Americana-circuit w...]]>
Masked Intruder Masked Intruder
Yes, Virginia, there really is a band that wears ski masks, where each musician dons one of a specific color and they designate themselves as color-coded by instrument and vocal job. Hence, per the Ma...]]>
Josh Morningstar Josh Morningstar
 This Maryland native has done well in Nashville as a songwriter’s songwriter and burns up the road playing all over the U.S., especially in the Midwest. You may not know his name, but you like...]]>
Isaiah Christian and the Rebel Saints Isaiah Christian and the Rebel Saints
Early performances in theater gave this young whippersnapper a taste of the stage at age six, and soon after, he discovered a real affinity for classic country music.  By 15, Isaiah found himself...]]>
Captain Quirk Captain Quirk
 Formed in 2014 by a group of well-seasoned Peoria-area musicians, Captain Quirk (the moniker comes from a nickname for William Shatner, the actor who portrayed Captain Kirk in the original “St...]]>
Brushville Brushville
 When they came out of the pack of new area bands like a supercharged rocket on fire some five years ago, this group of talented musicians became one of the hottest acts around. From winning the...]]>
James Neary and the Bevy Blue James Neary and the Bevy Blue
 Hailing from the Northwest Indiana/Southwest Michigan area and claiming La Porte, Indiana, as a home base, these up-and-coming soulful rockers are laying it on the line with all they got every t...]]>
Thornhill Thornhill
 Fans of local music happenings should be quite familiar with the name Thornhill and the consistently fine music made by the band led by singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer, Tina Thornhil...]]>
Adam Maletich Adam Maletich
 Interested in and exposed to live music since he was young, Springfield native Adam Maletich steered things to another level by studying guitar and piano at Millikin University in Decatur, gradu...]]>
The Mud Bugs The Mud Bugs
 Originating in southern Illinois as a band of hometown friends in 2000 playing “hard-edged blues rock,” The Mud Bugs were a thing. When Kit Jones relocated to the capital city a few years la...]]>
Chris Camp & His Blues Ambassadors Chris Camp & His Blues Ambassadors
 Formed as an outlet for the musical talents of a guy you may know better as The Whip Guy, this group can play those swinging sounds to bridge any diplomatic impasse on the dance floor or barroom...]]>
Ultraviolet Ultraviolet
 In 2003 Suzie Stephens formed a musical enterprise that would give her the outlet necessary to best use her music inspirations and aspirations. Now 15 years into the project, Ultraviolet is stil...]]>
Reed Brothers Reed Brothers
 Up from the Lone Star State, San Antonio brothers Kyle and Keegan bring a mashup of Americana, blues and Southern rock styles into a mixture that is all Reed Brothers, all the time. They hit Tal...]]>
Broseph Broseph
 Originating from the river city of Beardstown, this group began as a couple of pals getting together to play some songs at the local pub in 2011. The country-rocking band relocated to Nashville...]]>
Jeremy Johnson Band Jeremy Johnson Band
 Roaring up from St. Louis and out into the world, the Jeremiah Johnson Band is poised to set the world on fire with a burning passion for the hot rockin’ Americana blues. Jeremiah, born and ra...]]>
Bruce Katz Band Bruce Katz Band
 Generally considered one of the premier roots/blues keyboardists in the whole wide world, Bruce Katz has played with most everyone, including Delbert McClinton, Butch Trucks, Gregg Allman and Ro...]]>
California Jeff California Jeff
There’s no Jeff like California Jeff, and we say that with the full confidence he’s a one-of-a-kind folk-singing, storytelling and entertaining performer who says it like it is and is as he does....]]>
Rogers & Nienhaus Rogers & Nienhaus
 A true classic rock duo that really rocks and really played with some of the classic performers from back in the 70s, these St. Louis-based musicians are among the select few of the real deal...]]>
Stuart Smith Stuart Smith
 Give a guy a guitar, let him learn to play it, then watch as he knocks out some songs as a singer-songwriter. Next thing you know, he’s got a killer recording out on CD and LP. That would be t...]]>
The Mazed The Mazed
 Conceived in the fall of 2016, organized as a band in 2017 and releasing their first CD in 2018, The Mazed is on the move and playing all-original music all the time. Originating as a collaborat...]]>
Los Injectors Los Injectors
 There’s nothing in the world quite like this trio of “HeavyMetalPunkPsychobilly” music-mayhem makers, and more than likely, there never will be. Blessed with monstrous music chops and curs...]]>
Joel DaSilva (and band) Joel DaSilva (and band)
 This award-winning, hard rockin’, busy, traveling blues man calls his stuff “Americana, roots rock and blues soul” to cover a wide range of an intense area of American music. Joel also add...]]>
The Black Lillies The Black Lillies
 With a hometown base of Knoxville, Tennessee, this group of experienced musicians, hailing from all walks of the Americana landscape, puts out a new album (their fifth studio release) on Sept. 2...]]>